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     Swami Juice all began with Kelly and Jak, two people that enjoyed the simple pleasures of life – the beach, surfing, yoga, their dogs and juicing. Their dream together was to bring their passion in life to others. The venture into the business of juicing came from that passion they shared together. Jak had a great story about his grandfather and great uncle, who he guided through juice cleanses, and took their fear of fruits and vegetables and showed them how amazing a bottle of Swami Juice could make them feel. Jak said that to see their amazed satisfaction over the juice and then to see the healing properties take effect was the reward.


     Before Kelly and Jak could completely get their juice company up and running, Jak died in a car accident leaving everyone at Swami Juice heart-broken. But we did not want to let that dream end there. During the past three years the rest of us here at Swami Juice have strived to make that juice dream grow. We have stuck to our grass roots concept – keeping it basic and simple – all natural fresh raw juice, no additives, no preservatives – just what the body needs.





     Today Swami Juice/South Florida is run by Kelly’s family. It's a team effort between Mother, brother, sister, and brother in- law. Debi runs the behind the scenes operations, Kyle (brother) handles the juicing and Kayla is the face (aka GM) of Swami Juice/South Florida with her husband, Alex. Together they strive to make customers aware of what the body and mind need for nourishment to run at optimal levels, and what you stand to gain from doing so.


       Millions of people today are nutritionally out of balance. It is these imbalances that lead to poor health and worse. We believe it is not limited to bad nutrition, more so, not enough good nutrition. Natural, whole foods are the best means of delivering vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients/a-nutrients and living enzymes. In today’s convenience and price driven society much of these bodily requirements have fallen by the wayside.




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