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When it comes to what's good for your body, sometimes it's the smaller changes that result in the big differences. We use only simple, familiar ingredients in our juices - no added sugars, preservatives, or concentrates. We offer real ingredients, real flavors, real colors... and really fresh ideas for health! We strive to use organic, sustainably-grown and locally sourced vegetables and fruits wherever possible.


Our juices are cold pressed and never pasteurized or heated. Cold Pressed ensures the purity of the nutrients stay intact, as heat and air destroy valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Cold Pressing as many veggies as possible into each bottle ensures you are getting the maximum nutrients in every sip.


Cold Pressed Juice is a time consuming process, which is why the juices are made in advance. We bottle every last delicious drop straight from the cold press into custom glass bottles and into our refrigerators, ready for you to grab and go. Our juice comes in a 16 ounce sustainable glass bottle and we encourage our community to bring it back to recycle.


Each recipe is thoughtfully created to improve the well-being of the human body.  Our juices contain up to 9 servings of fruits & vegeatbles. Drinking your daily dose of fruits and vegetables can be one step closer to achieving optimal health.  

We know that living the life that you choose can come with its own set of challenges, but we believe it’s worth it! At Swami Juice, it is our mission to bring living energy to life through our juice! We support our local farmers, community and environment. 

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